Muay Thai Hand Wraps - just in case I forget, its been awhile but I'm ready to put my gloves back on!

Although I don't study a martial art that utilized hand strikes much, I DO know the importance of proper hand wrapping! It makes the difference between pain & bruises and broken knuckles!

Boxer Speed Workout

Tired of your usual workouts? Try this boxer-inspired workout that includes bodyweight exercises and cardio, both of which are great for your body and overall health!

A propósito de las Artes Marciales Mixtas... Interesante infografía de cuáles componen estas artes.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Interesting infographic about 10 most popular Martial Arts on the world. Boxing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Greco roman wrestling Freestyle wrestling Jeet kune do Kyokushin karate Tae kwon-do Muay thai Jud.

Yokkao Camo Shorts

Improve your Muay Thai workouts with better training routines and drills. List of Muay Thai exercises to take your fighting to the next level

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5 CrossFit Workouts Using a Punching Bag: The decision to start working out with a punching bag is a life changing one.

10 Basic Muay Thai Combos | Best Combinations For Beginners - YouTube

10 Basic Muay Thai Combos | Best Combinations For Beginners - YouTube

boxing hand wrap another version

Learn how to wrap your hands when training in Muay Thai Kickboxing to protect…