note: Musée Louvre, Paris  been there done that and loved every moment lol me:) X

note: Musée Louvre, Paris Would love to add to. "My Bucket List". maybe my next trip on the "merry-go-round"!

Venus de Milo.- Museo de Louvre, París,Francia.: La Afrodita de Milos (griego: "Αφροδίτη της Μήλου"), más conocida como Venus de Milo, es una de las estatuas más representativas del periodo helenístico de la escultura griega, y una de las más famosas esculturas de la antigua Grecia. Fue creada en algún momento entre los años 130  y 100 a. C., y se cree que representa a Afrodita (denominada Venus en la mitología romana), diosa del amor y la belleza.-Autor desconocido

: La Afrodita de Milos ( "Αφροδίτη της Μήλου") conocida como Venus de Milo( 130 a 100 a.

The Louvre in Paris. Museum of museums. Spent 8 hours in there and still didn't see it all!

Louvre, Paris Going back there very very soon, check up on my love lock, if it's still there.

Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Visit Paris: Top 12 things to see - Short Tourist Guide of Paris

Louvre pyramid, Paris I - The Louvre is the French national museum. It is the most visited museum in the world, averaging visitors a day, and is classified as a historical monument.

Saint-Germain-L'auxerrois, Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Over one million square feet of artwork that takes a person's breath away.Napoleon's apartments are here, a MUST SEE! Mona Lisa is need about 3 days to see all of the "good stuff" inside.

All Invention Leonardo Adoration Of The Magi Da Vinci | Mona Lisa Posters by Leonardo da Vinci at

Mona Lisa

See Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece at the Louvre. Get an updated picture of you standing next to her. I have a photo of you with Mona at 15 and I need a picture of you with her at Thanks!

La Victoria de Samotracia, Museo del Louvre (París) of my favorite classic sculptures.

Has anyone noticed that Nike statues are always headless? of Victory! Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, Greek statue (marble), century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

La Gioconda.  También conocida como La Mona Lisa, fue pintada por el conocidísimo Leonardo Da Vinci.

Such famous artworks as 'Mona Lisa' and 'The Scream' have been stolen and returned; Learn about 7 notorious art thefts.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Established: August 1790 Location: Paris, France Comprises of works during the Third Republic Persists of over objects 2 Works: "Venus de Milo" 100 B. by Anne Chauvet

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, ca. 190 BCE. | Victoria de Samotracia, ca. 190 a.C.    Photos will never do it justice.

Nike alighting on a warship (Nike of Samothrace), from Samothrace, Greece, ca. 190 BC (otherwise known as Winged Victory or Victory of Samothrace).

Alex- Je choisi cet photo parce que dans le livre le trois mousquetaires il y a un bal. Le bal est dans le louvre.


Louvre muséum - Paris, view from the palace, towards the Champs-Elysées