NO. Hijabis and nuns are not the same. Click through to read an excellent, thorough article by an ex-muslim woman explaining why. "This is only a false analogy because being a nun is a voluntary career-path while Muslim modesty is often coerced or practiced under social, legal, extrajudicial constraint."

I don't agree with any religion but I believe in religious freedom, Muslims should be able to live safely in America without hate crimes being committed against them by Christians. (I believe in freedom of religion everywhere.

A reminder about goals. | 22 Pictures That Only Muslims Will Find Funny

22 Pictures That Only Muslims Will Find Funny

Or that yes that is my name, I just go by something else.

Please stop giving your kids weird names or inventing spellings Aww but I like my name Yet no one can pronouce it first time

:) [I'm going to assume," I grinned smirked kindly slyly, "that your not a terrorist (lol face) and Im proud of you I don't have any right to you don't know me but I just feel drawn to and knsprired by your courage to support yourself (like who you** are) when I don't even have the guts to tell my oaretns . when I'm hungry (heh or that I'm gay, and ljis a bff who understands idk lol bi #storyideashere

THIS is how the world should work<< I thought this was going to end very differently, but I was pleasantly surprised

There are some good republicans, but the dad has the right idea. Be who you are and love who you will

Looool my parents. Literally my parents <<<I wish they were my parents<<< Loooooooool

Yeah actually they do blame German people for hittler as a girl who gets called a nazi every time I speak german or get called hittler so daughter it's not fucking ok

me Sadly some people do blame germans for hitler still, I am guessing there is likely to be some overlap

but not all chambers

i'm totally calling them that from now on. WATCH ME STYLE MY ALLAH HAT

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Bruh. It's called a hijab but thanks 😂 "