My mom hates me

Literally my mom yelled at me and almost hit me because I had two cups of water in my room ... what did I even do wrong

Literally my mom yelled at me and almost hit me because I had two cups of water in my room . what did I even do wrong<<< my mom beat me because I didn't hang up my coat properly. What the hell is wrong with people?

My mom said I'm not doing my best and I just need to try harder

dear mom, i'm sorry i couldn't make you any prouder of me. i'm sorry i didn't turn out the way you wanted me to be. i'm sorry that i'm a disappointment to you.

Finding the right Mother`s day cards are always difficult for me as I had a few Mom`s and really only one good one who is now passed.Be very thankful if you had a wonderful Mom and let her know it today :)

My Mother taught me how to be a good Mother by being a horrible Mother.I did the opposite of what she did.

I'm so sorry, but I'm the worst! I don't know why anyone would lie and say they love me, I'm not worth it. I'm so sorry.

These words could've been written during my teen years. Chronic depression is sucky.<< I normally get ride of the previous comments, but this applies to me too.

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the runner up is....the world and the first place award goes

Yep thanks for throwing that crumbled up paper at me today.bitch( I know they were guys but who actually gives a fuck ).fuck you.

This is making me cry cause it's true I was called stupid by a popular person who I've wanted to be friends with he called me stupid said it was luck that I got into my acceleration class he doesn't know how much that hurt If he read what I though or keep thinking cause of that he would be in tears

Best Ever 45 Quotes About Feelings

If you read my mind you would understand.or maybe you wouldn't, i have changed, but so have you

Hate him for ever making me feel this way when I know I'm much more

if i had a penny for every time you made me feel worthless i'd be worth something by now.but then again, I'm still counting my pennies.

Sounds about right, done...

Live Life Happy: Look, I don’t hate you. I’m just done. Done with the hurt. Done with the waiting. Done with the wanting, the needing. No, I don’t hate you, I’m just done with you.

My family is one of the main things that make me hate myself so much. I mean, I love then but at the same time they are just as mean to me as the people at school are. -Miriam

That's why I don't wanna live with them anymore. In trying to find an apartment where I can be all by my lonesome without the judgement and stress of others around me.