True<<we want romantic Jashee

I would like a Vanderwood route but that may just be me 👏 After playing V's route I got curious what his life is like and I've just wanted to get some questions answered lol.

So adorable.. ;-;

Jaehee could make me go lesbian any day with that peace sign and smile of hers. Sadly, she friend-zoned me ;

Immagine di anime, messenger, and mystic

zen during jumin's route like

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But, am I a merciful god? I can only choose one of you. Offer your souls to me. Don't make the same mistakes you made with rika, darlings~

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Saving up for deep story so i can beat the game. Never beat a game before aside from undertale

Jaehee, Mystic messenger

Jaehee, Mystic messenge Jaehee more like BAEhee

Why Luciel Why || Mystic Messenger ★

Give me my romantic Jaehee route I want nothing else in this world just pls<<< give us gayhee

playing jaehee’s route like

playing jaehee’s route like -takes out the gloves- I got my own business too if he's playing me into loving air lol