Highlight your natural beauty with ungroomed brows, bold lashes, blush and straw…

5 tips to finally getting the full, pretty eyebrows you want. #beauty #DIY #eyebrows @tenovertennyc

5 tricks to naturally gorgeous eyebrows

Non-toxic, all-natural, incredibly simple.  ~:: A Blossoming Life

Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

Non-toxic, all-natural, incredibly simple. ~:: A Blossoming Life Ingredients: 1 tsp almond oil or castor oil (like this one) 2 tsp cocoa powder (like this one) 1 tsp cornstarch (like this one) activated charcoal (optional) (like this one)

Taylor Marie Hill ♥

Taylor Marie Hill ♥ I love the way she has natural eyebrows Also new trend is to have natural eyebrows but Taylor is wayyy ahead of the ga

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Eyebrow growth serum

Are your eyebrows bare from over-plucking or trimming? Our Eyebrow Growth Roll-On is formulated with all-natural ingredients formulated to regrow eyebrows fast.


Natural makeup looks as if you do not wear it at all. We have collected makeup ideas that can impress your boyfriend. – Make UP Today