Delectables restaurant. Tucson, Arizona

Taken from inside the Delectables restaurant in Tucson, Arizona as the sun was going down. I liked the glowing colors from the neon itselft and the window glass and the reflection on the dusty blinds inside.

Design showcase: new UK menswear chain Open - Retail Design World

one of the few NEON Open signs I'd agree with Design showcase: new UK menswear chain Open - Retail Design World

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Born in the late nineties agitation, Kulte is one of the few surviving brands from a golden age when.

THE Dandy Pig sign is once again lighting the Dandenong skyline, after it's bright neon lights were switched on this morning. Description from I searched for this on

Neon Signs Awe Vintage Neon Bar Signs We have a selection of neon signs big enough to make Vegas itself blush Just think about what

"This is a neon sign I had made for James, from my handwriting. I love having neon made; I’d love to make more signs." - from a design sponge post -- huh. never thought of having neon made!

Sign me up- no pun intended.Custom neon sign via Design Sponge.

Neonetics Open Neon Sculpture

Open Neon Sculpture

Shine brighter with our Open Neon Sculpture! Each of our stand up Neon Lights will fill your home or business with a fun and stylish flare.

sunwouldshine:In Hand, 2014 - Ruiz Stephinson

full on lip lock: sunwouldshine: In Hand, 2014 - Ruiz Stephinson on imgfave

Words to live by , on to the next bitch ... And next just keep em comin

Typography inspiration

Lights / Original Neon Sign designed by Portland, OR based artist JesseHectic. Twisted take on the classic \\