New-Year-Paris-Fireworks-2015 Through French history, the official start of the new year has varied greatly. In 6th & 7th centuries it began on 1st March. In the Carolingian era it began at Christmas. From 12th century it began at Easter (and Easter was on different date every year as now). Finally in 1564 Charles IX imposed it should be 1st January.

Top 6 New Year's Eve Fireworks Around The World You Must See

A fun Sparkler Firework craft to add to festivities. Great for 4th July, parties and New Year celebrations.

Sparkler Firework Craft For Kids

Whether you're celebrating Bonfire Night, Fourth of July, New Years Eve or a birthday here's a fun Kid Safe Sparkler Firework Craft to add to the festivities.

New Year's Eve in Seattle (Been in WA at New Years watching this on tv)  AWESOME!!

We spontaneously made the drive to see fireworks shoot off of the Space Needle for New Year's Eve, I think to ring in Good stuff.

Happy New Year Printable!  So cute!

The 7 New Years Eve Printables I'm using this year

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New Year Eve Fireworks

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 with London’s New Year fireworks display at the London Eye – find out how to get New Year's Eve London fireworks tickets

New Years Eve Destinations

The Best Destinations for New Year's Eve Celebrations