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“Ding Dong Dell” Concept Art* Ni no Kuni / Studio Ghibli by Theodore Twombly

Ni No Kuni-A japanese translated to english title by coveted RPG masterminds Level 5 studios. Many Japanese translated titles have become cult classics in North America due to their use of heavily immersive story lines and well developed characters. The japanese anime aesthetic also helps intrigue a larger fan base in the Role Playing Game genre.

Ni no Kuni game - Collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Level 5 Studios

Ni No Kuni - a Studio Ghibli GAME people. THEY MADE A GAME. Oh my heck!

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It really brought some throwback RPG elements into a modern game.

Mr Drippy from Ni No Kuni. He's utterly hilarious (if not sometimes a bit blunt)

Mr Drippy, High Lord of the Fairies or something like that.

The other world in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

36 Beautiful Landscapes That Prove That Video Games Are Art

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“Another World” by Typhoonic. Tattoo design inspired by Ni no Kuni. [Sold at The Yetee]

Nazcaan script (Ni No Kuni)

Nazcaän Script

The Nazcaän Script (アストラム語 Asutoramu/Astram language) is an alphabet/syllabary made by the.