Nicholas Hoult en portada de HERO Magazine #14

Nicholas Hoult en portada de HERO Magazine #14  meninvogue:  Nicholas Hoult by Daniel Bergeron  #summerlook

"Long-term boredom can't lead to anything good." Fansite dedicated to English actor Nicholas Hoult.

Actor Nicholas Hoult photographed and styled by Venetia Scott, for the latest coverstory of Hero magazine.

“Nicholas Hoult luciendo como the perfect brittish boy next door en Hero Magazine.


Nicholas Hoult Covers Flaunt, Talks 'Mad Max' + George Miller

Nicholas Hoult is Dead Sexy! Check him out on our licensed Warm Bodies gear:

♥Nicholas Hoult as sexually ambiguous/bisexual Tony Stonem in Skins [UK] & as gay/sexually ambiguous Kenny Potter in A Single Man

Nicholas Hoult #NicholasHoult

Hoult opens up about romance with J Law

He's all grown up! Nicholas Hoult, who found fame as a child star in About A Boy, is one of Hunger magazine's cover stars