Nicki Minaj; about that hustle, about her money, and makes her man respect her.

When you get new hair 💁 NYC & MIAMI stacked fixed on drama lipstick 'sunbeam' glow kit highlight

I don't care what anyone says, she is BEAUTIFUL! and I LOVE her! People should learn from her and be who they are instead of trying to hide it!

Nicki Minaj Hairstyles Marginal hair design language with astonishing views Nicki Minaj hair styles, what do you think? Under this heading Nicki Minaj ‘s rapidly changing hair colors and interesting wigs ‘ll look at it that helps .

This dress and the hair to one side   Nicki Minaj - so elegant and stunning

Nicki Minaj is almost unrecognisable in chic black gown at MTV Awards

Nicki Minaj, I sincerely dont care how many people hate me for liking her, but she's unique and fun. So in conclusion ya'll are boring

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Nicki Minaji's Chinese tattoo In Chinese, the characters read 上帝與你常在 . The tattoo is Minaj's first and only, something she paid for herself around the age of Written in Chinese, the tattoo means "God is always with you" in English

We all know that Nicki can ROCK any look. So its know surprise that she can make blonde hair sooo cool and sexy. What do you think of this look?

NICKI MINAJ - so naturally beautiful. i like her hair. But i even like her with pink hair and more make up :)