Under Fire (1983) The photographer: Handling a Nikon F2 like a pro is tougher than it looks, but Nick Nolte gets it exactly right, even showing us a bit of manual rewinding at times. Maybe this is thanks to the influence of the film’s advisor Matthew Naythons, who’d worked as a photojournalist in wartorn Nicaragua. Just ignore the extra on the hotel roof – he’s not so handy with his video camera!

Here's a top ten list, in no particular order, of Nikon movie roles! Often appearing as uncredited extras, these Nikon SLRs have been present at some of th

Nikon F2AS, can you imagine how heavy this was to carry three of these?

Nikon F2

Nikon is a film professional, mechanical shutter SLR system camera by manufactured by.

Nikon F2 camera, Still Life drawing, 11" x 8,5" Print of original graphite drawing

PRINT-Drawing-Nikon F2, 11" x 8,5"

1979 Nikon F2AS $500 (used) The F2AS is the last, best, most advanced and most durable mechanical camera ever made by Nikon. It might be the best ever made by anyone.

I think Nikon is the most solid, durable camera ever made. It's heavy so very steady for action shot. Every shutter click gives you total satisfaction and confidence from the sound and the feeling.