Vorm: tweedimensionale vorm, de smiley is organisch de tekst is geometrisch, het is symmetrisch want de smiley kan je doormidden doen en hij blijft hetzelfde   Kleur: niet-kleur (zwart), primaire kleur (geel), warm-koud contrast want zwart is koud en geel is warm

The most influential band in rock history. Nevermind is their best album, in my opinion. Amazing and crazy band.P Kurt Cobain.

this reminds me to luke hemmings---its nirvana. ugh peasants are everywhere now .-.

this reminds me to luke hemmings---its nirvana. ugh peasants are everywhere now…

Nirvana Band Logo | Nirvana Est. 1988 Guitar Stamp T-Shirt Logo

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The nirvana logo (the smiley face) was a drawing that Kurt did of Axel Rose from Guns n' roses

This 30 by 40 Nirvana Smiley Fabric Poster will bring a a smile to anyone's face as they remember one of the most heroic American rock bands ever to live.

research into existing band logos. many just consist of an interesting font, i think a band logo has to be memorable and recognisable.

Current Obsession: Rock Band Logos

Collecting inspiration for a new band logo. It's got to be pithy, recognizable at any size, and visually represent the sound of the band.

Nirvana babe  #RnR #kurt Je suis triste de certaine personne qui porte leur t-shirt sans même écouter leur musique ...

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Nirvana came to a sudden end 19 years ago this month when Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The group released only three studio albums, but they left behind tons of other material and a huge fan base that only seems to grow as the years go by.

Ok I mainly listen to country but I do like nirvana...

One of the most famous rock bands in the late and the best-known lineup of American rock band Nirvana consisted of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic