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Check out the NEW 2015 Norwex Catalog! Many fun new updates, including our incredible HE Norwex Laundry Detergent!!! We use just 1/2 tsp per load!

Lots of news with the release of the Norwex 2015 Catalogue. Details here: C l e a n C l e a n i n g: Norwex 2015 Improvements and New Catalogues!

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8 Minute Norwex in a Nutshell "Cleaning Essentials" - YouTube

8 Minute Video - Norwex in a Nutshell "Cleaning Essentials"

norwex before and after | The Norwex Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth cleans ... | Norwex Before ...

The Norwex Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth cleans your fruits and vegetables with just the cloth and water.

New Norwex Products! Fall 2015 - Silicone Cup Lids - Insulate your drinks with an airtight seal to keep your coffee and tea hot, and your soft drinks cold, for longer. Makes a convenient cover for small bowls, too. Works on stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic containers with smooth rims. BPA-free. Dishwasher safe. 1-year warranty. Set of 4.

Rebecca Lange - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant: New Products!

Got pet hair? Norwex has the solution! Thanks to for this Pin! Visit their site or contact me to learn more:

Little Green Cloth - Suzanne Holt - Senior Vice President Sales Leader, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

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Norwex RAW Chicken Test - Microfiber will not cross contaminate!

Norwex Takes on popular cleaners and wins! 2 Minutes 2 Total Clean: Norwex Raw Chicken Glowgerm Test Lilah Poltz - Independent Norwex Sales Consultant www.