or verses seeing the woman during the entire pregnancy like perinatal nurses do. During a woman’s labor, the labor and delivery nurse monito...

Become a New York LPN – LPN Programs, Schools, Salary in NY, registered nurse yearly salary.

Being able to cry with a pt who has lost their spouse of 60 years or to hug a mother worried sick over their drug addicted child is the greatest humbling experience I have ever had. At that moment, they are much more than your patient....they are a fellow human in need of help physically or mentally.

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I love my job. Helping others is one of lifes greatest purpose! I will be a nurse!

Looking for a job? Check out this handy analysis of the current hiring climate and overall outlook for RNs and CNAs in the coming years!

Infographic: Job forecast for nursing grads

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Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses

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Inside PA training-Everything you need to know about becoming a Physician Assistant. Very helpful articles!

10 Steps to Acing Your Physician Assistant School Interview - Inside PA Training

Can't wait for it to happen...I have faith!

It's a Beautiful Thing when a Career and a Passion come Together. It's also Considered, a Passion, and Career that Creates a Beautiful Thing Together to!

Who says compression socks have to be boring?

Who says have to be boring? This display definitely caught my eye! I've got tons of new products coming soon! GOT ANY REQUESTS?

American Fact Finder- Information from the U.S. Census Bureau on population, housing and economic and geographic factors.

Do you need statistics and/or data for the population, housing, economy, and geography within the U. Check out the American Fact Finder, a wonderful government website providing easy access to this data.

Which States will Need Nurses Most in 2013?

As the new year approaches, and many Travel Nurses look to upcoming positions it's good to know have a little insight into 2013 Nursing Job Projections.

Viral Infections

Viral Infections - overview of the main types of viral infection and the most notable species involved