Homemade coffee hard candy recipe with a creative way to mold the candies. Experiment idea: add sweetened condensed milk to see if you can copycat nips candies.

Old Fashioned Candy

Old Fashioned Christmas Candy - Hated this candy but Mom put it out every Christmas. It was pretty at least.

Make Old Fashioned Hard Candy

Ready to indulge in some justifiable Christmas candy goodness? Here's how to get into the spirit of the season with a holiday sugar high. Beginning reading this how-to by scrolling down to step one. Whip up some homemade candy canes.

Homemade-Tootsie-Rolls Ingredients: For 24 pieces of candy cup instant dry milk powder melted butter, unsalted -¼ cup powdered sugar honey tablespoons cocoa powder vanilla extract -salt

How to Make Old-Fashioned Wire Ribbon Candy: Make your holiday ornaments look like ribbon candy. Wire ribbon candy is a decoration -- typically an ornament used to decorate your Christmas tree

Old-fashioned butterscotch lollipops

Deliciously buttery and caramelly Old-Fashioned Butterscotch Lollipops. For kids of all ages! (Christmas Recipes Old Fashioned)

Old fashioned candy is the best! I love surprising friends and family with homemade candy during the holidays and these Buttermilk Pecan Pralines is one of my favorites! Ultra smooth and creamy and oh-so decadent, it’s everyone’s favorite treat!

Old-Fashioned Cream Cheese Mints

This is the same cream cheese mint recipe that I use! An old-fashioned mint recipe that is perfect for a graduation party, wedding reception, or confirmation.

The BEST Christmas Cookies, Fudge, Candy, Barks and Brittles Recipes – Favorites for Holiday Treats Gift Plates and Goodies Bags!

Mom's Best Peanut Brittle Recipe via Real Life Dinner - Old Fashioned PERFECT Peanut Brittle has to be included in your Christmas Gift Plates and Goodies Bags! (Christmas Bake Old Fashioned)