Tattered Tiques--old letters and envelopes

To find out more about the clues in the old letters read Inspiration for A Crime of Fashion.

I love this, looks like old letters and postcards. This really gets my creative adrenaline going for me to create something.

thirstingforagape: “ A childhood friend and I are pen pals. I imagine at that one day when I’m old all my letters from her will look something like this.

Who wrote the letter? When was it written? Why was this person carrying it in their pocket?

Krogstad lives a letter in Nora's mailbox revealing her secrets so that Torvalt can read it and know the truth.

Apple and Apricot: Muted Colours and a Blogger Headache

Makes me think of the letters that Jack sends to Marley.Heaven by Angela Johnson

Folding letter the old fashioned way - just like in Jane Austen films.

I love the old fashioned letters you can find in all the Jane Austen- and similar movies. Because paper was very expensive in those days, they didn’t ha. Old Fashioned Letter Folding

Castles Crowns and Cottages: The Next Time

Elegant feather-quill pens, and parchment paper to write your deepest emotions.

pictureperfectforyou: .

Alicia Buszczak is a Prop Stylist based in California. Her style is distinctly unique and always translated beautifully in her work.