Gino Perez: Primal, primaire. La beauté c'est aussi renoué avec une certaine naïveté qu'on perd parfois en se perfectionnant.

Title unknown (Family) by LA-based American artist Gino Perez. via the artist on see me - reminds me very much of Jean Michel Basquiat, which is awesome



"Flea Market Ouroboros" by flea market painter Kelly Moore of New Mexico

Art Renegade Kelly Moore is one of the most original creators of Folk Art in the United States. His work has at times been referred to as outsider art, art brut and folk art.

good advice for artists from Fred Babb

good advice for artists from Fred Babb- Brown Barrett Let's play with clay, paints, glazes, and glass.

Jean Dubuffet (1901 – 1985)  1944 Telephone Torment lithograph 32.7 x 25.1 cm © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Jean Dubuffet – 1944 Telephone Torment lithograph x cm © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Bill Traylor (1853-1949), "Black Cat."

The Met Exhibits Rarely Seen Drawings by Bill Traylor

"Throughout Jean Dubuffet's life, he collected "Outsider Art" i.e., Art by mentally deranged people, vagabonds, street urchins, and prisoners. He found inspiration in the seemingly asymmetric scrawling and the scratching of this kind of unintentional Graffiti and sought to convey that madness in his own Oil and Impasto Works.  Most of his works appear as primitive and doodling that is almost too basic...[like] a kindergarten kid."

What I LOVE about Jean Dubuffet was his tenacity. He may have quit a few times but he went back to his love, he went back to art. It is easy to just give up and decide we just can't do something because it is hard or because a few roadblocks have.