the rules to always be the perfect little man

Mustache nursery wall art - Little man rules - Artwork for little man's nursery - boy's nursery art print- PRINTABLE INSTANT DOWNLOAD 8x10

Mustache nursery wall art - printable artwork for little mans nursery - boys nursery art print I'm using this for my little man!

Build Your Wardrobe from the Ground Up (infographic) #infographic #wardrobe #menstyle

Wardrobe Essentials for Men - Build your wardrobe from the ground up. The infographic showcases almost all of the essential items that can serve as the basis for a classic wardrobe.

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to be a Gentleman.

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman

Tips for Raising Boys: 24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman. Awesome parenting advice for moms of boys.

white tie and tails..this would be cool to have on a formal night as a second tux..I live for a tux they are so professional,so nice and wow do people notice you!

White tie and tails as worn by the Honorable Robert Alexander Radclyfe, son and heir of the ninth earl of Wentwater, when he met Anna MacDougal at the Met ball.

Mo Guan Shan || 19 Days

Mo Guan Shan || 19 Days

gemma correll

A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette, An Illustrated Book by Gemma Correll

Have a Nicknaming night if you can keep it positive, it will make everyone on your floor feel closer if they are all on a nickname basis. Puggie Nick Names

Why We Love It: From man’s best friend to best man, we love this adorable dog’s tuxedo!Why You Love It: "I'm so sharing this! My couples will love it!" —Barraud Caterers Limited "That dog's face!!" —Kristi Y.  "It's as if the dog is saying, 'please don't do this to me...' Great shot!" —Nargis D. Photo Credit: Jenna Newman Photography

The Most Popular Wedding Photos

[I just adore this, such a serious look on the dogs face Unique Wedding Photos - Creative Wedding Pictures

ZIGGY aka KODIAK - A1034988 - Manhattan - Publicly Adoptable TO BE DESTROYED 05/26/15 A volunteer writes: Mr. Manners, aka Ziggy, aka Gorgeous, is here to answer all your burning canine etiquette questions. How should a dog walk? Well, it looks like this: The leash slack, perfectly at his walker’s knee. Cleanliness? No mess in the kennel, relieving himself immediately outside. Table manners? He would never eat while standing, instead sitting for treats (OK, we’ll admit he eats with his mouth…

Ziggy Greet all dogs and people with the grace and good will Ziggy does, tail wagging and generous kisses

Monogrammed Boy Fish Shirt  Personalized by kissesandgiggles, $22.00

Monogrammed Boy Fish Shirt Personalized Perfect for Birthday Shirt

Top tips for dog park etiquette!

Family Pets: The Ultimate Immune System-Boosters for Children?

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Easter Decor | Bunny treat cups, copos com orelhas de coelho para Páscoa

Show & Tell No. 41: Last Minute Easter Ideas

15 Awesome Easter Crafts To Make! Try the easy bunny treat cups to give the kids sweet treats and snacks with bunny ears

I think the tie is a bit boring (too square; best done with a cravat in the case of a plunging breast line in the waistcoat) but the pink waistcoat is delicious and snappy.

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