How to paint concrete...definitely considering this for the twins room after I rip out the carpet they have destroyed...

How To: Paint a Concrete Floor

Yesterday we reflected on inspiring examples of painted concrete floors, and today it& time to get down to business. Having recently had our concrete floors painted, we have some inside tips to share as well as a few words of caution.

paint stenciled in an area of the cement floor

6 Ways to Make Concrete Floors Look Amazing

Stenciled concrete floor, for the basement? Family Room Makeover - Before & After Wood Flooring Photos. DIY Home Decor Dancing shoes banner .

How To Paint Concrete Floors Tutorial . Sherman Williams (porch & floor paint + H&C contrete enamel- glossy + pole +5/8 nap roller).

How To Paint Concrete UPDATED!! (Plus My Secret Cleaning Tip!)

How To Paint Concrete Floors Tutorial . Sherman Williams (porch & floor paint + H&C contrete enamel- glossy + pole nap roller).

Painting cement floor

Painting a Concrete Basement Floor? Do it the Right Way - This Way

Tips And Advice On Garage Floor Painting Sounds like staining it with an acrylic stain with some slip-resistant additive is best.

Learn how to stencil concrete floors - Sandra from House of Imperfections shares how to transform ugly concrete floors with stencil rollers and chalk paint


If we're tearing up the floor, why not take a concrete floor from the kitchen into the mudroom in the back?                                                                                                                                                      More

How To: Paint a Concrete Floor

I'm kind of liking the aqua floor! Love the oven./ Very powerful and robusts elements: all of them. Ceiling lamp, kitchen and floor. The 'aqua floor', discreetly, is pointing that.

Would you believe this is cement floor?!?  Painted with wood grain tool to look like wood! Would be amazing for the basement!

living room floor: DONE!

Idea for the laundry room? faux wood painted concrete floor - Love this inexpensive idea but I don't know if I have the talent or the patience to pull it off.

Stained concrete floor color. I've never heard of this until just recently, but that seems like an awesome way to make a concrete floor less...

Stained Polished Concrete Color Chart

We are a stained concrete staining company serving all of Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Missouri. View our stained concrete color chart.

Painted cement floor using a stencil to create a cement tile look.

A DIY painted and stenciled cement porch using a geometric allover stencil, the Tea House Trellis, from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Painted cement floor. Not my color but still beautiful!

DIY Stained Concrete - How To Revitalize Any Concrete Surface

A post on fun DIY stained concrete floors. Click through to see the pictures - now I don't know if I want my garage floor to look like leather or a frozen swimming pool :)

Rolling Annie's Lacquer on a cement floor painted and stencilled with Chalk Paint®.

Rolling Annie's Lacquer on a cement floor painted and stenciled with Chalk Paint™. Wouldnt use chalk paint but love the pattern

painting concrete floor with self leveling epoxy coating

A complete guide for how to choose the painted concrete floor type for your home or garage floor, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy concrete floor paint, expert tips which you should consider when painting concrete floors, How to paint concrete floors