Painted Lady in Oak Park, IL

This is an actual picture of a Painted Lady in Oak Park, IL.but I can see it as Ben's house in Crystal Lake, NC in the novel Christmas Joy. (NAIGLE rel date

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Bloomington has some gorgeous historic homes! The Edward B. Gridley House in the East Grove Street District–Bloomington Illinois circa

San Francisco's famous Painted Ladies, as seen from Alamo Square.   (Home of the Part-Time Traveler Headquarters!)

3 Hours In San Francisco

3 Hours In San Francisco San Francisco's famous Painted Ladies, as seen from Alamo Square. (Home of the Part-Time Traveler Headquarters!

San Francisco architecture - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

The entrance of a painted lady in San Francisco. Replete with pastels like an old sweet carousel. I love the painted lady houses

wonderful historic architecture, beautiful paint scheme

10 Painted Ladies to Love

CURB APPEAL – another great example of beautiful design. DPC Pacific Heights Residence traditional in san francisco by Dijeau Poage Construction.

victorian house. my absolute favorite kind of home is one where there's a semi flat roof space next to windows, i love crawling out the windows and looking up at the sky. my own safe little outdoor hiding place. ive always loved the view from house rooftops.

A House in Every Color of the Rainbow

Does Your Home Have Character? Check Out This Pink & Purple Victorian-Style Home in Scio, NY! In love with those key-hole windows^^

Victorian polychrome paint scheme guidelines

12 Rules for Victorian Polychrome Paint Schemes

Love this Queen Anne House!

Queen Anne Victorian House, at 1417 San Antonio Avenue, Alameda, California, erected in AD

Cool style, not the colors though. Eastlake - The ornate spindles and knobs found on so many Queen Anne houses were inspired by the decorative furniture by English designer, Charles Eastlake. When we call a house Eastlake, we're usually describing any number of Victorian styles with Eastlake "gingerbread" decorations.

House Style Guide to the American Home

Eastlake Victorian House Style 1860 - An Eastlake Victorian is Essentially A Queen Anne Victorian with the Eastlake Detailing. A Furniture Designer Inspired These Fanciful Homes. These Lacey Victorian houses are lavished with Eastlake Style Spindlework.