AMAZING dappled palamino

In European folklore, familiars are supernatural entities which take the form of animals to assist witches and cunning folk. If you were a witch, what animal would your familiar be?

Beautiful Horse

I just pinned this and realized it said "gorgeous palamino" I would like to state that is in fact a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.

Beautiful Golden colored Palomino horse in the snow. Pretty as can be!

Hope was out with her brother from the CB herd when she got curious and wandered off. Lost, she walked right into Orsorises herd, having no idea where she was

Phia feel disconnected from people. She's close to her family, but her only friends are her horses. She has one called Caramel (above) a palamino who she rescued from the knackers and trained by herself. She and Caramel are both loners and have aggressive, stubborn qualities which is why they click.

This is my new horse Amber aka Kiss From a Rose. She's a palomino quarter horse mare.

this picture is literally the most gorgeous picture i have ever seen of a sunrise and a horse <3

Snap Shots: June

this picture is literally the most gorgeous picture i have ever seen of a sunrise and a horse

palomino horse, the most beautiful breed there is

Palomino Horse - Midoak Music Master So beautiful Horses run the gamut of expression

My DREAM Horse!!!                                                                                                                                                      More

One day I will own my own palomino horse and Australian Shepherd dog. A city girl can always dream.

Gorgeous Palomino and white blanket Appaloosa horse

Very Beautiful Marking On The Horse

A very loud palomino appaloosa. There is little spotting within the blanket on this individual, whereas some other horses can have their whole blanket covered in big polka dots. It is always a surprise how an appaloosa foal will turn out.

Never Stop Improving

Gorgesous horse, slidingstop: Platinum Vintage 2011 Palomino AQHA Stallion 2015 Open NRHA Derby Champion, ridden by Todd Bergen © James Winegar and Silver Spurs Equine

Dappled Palomino

That Dappled Palomino Horse is going Grey because of its whitish head. When it reaches its teens, no one would ever known that in its youth it was a beautiful dappled palomino.