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16 Creative Bamboo and Panda Cake DIY Ideas

Whipped Cream Panda  by Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Whipped Cream Panda - Cake by Michelle's Sweet Temptation

EEF LILLEMOR® on Instagram: “Thank you so much for all Your birthday wishes! And…

This is such a cute cake! Those little thingys aren't shopkins cookies are they? The second tier one looks like one. Again we don't want to introduce things we can avoid!

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Panda Bear using Wilton Bear pan. I used grass tip 233 for white fur except the muzzle and between eyes I used star tip. I used star tip for all of the black.

Cute #panda cake popspanda cake pops for Joren's birthday! yes...he will be 15, but he likes pandas! :)

Love these panda cake pops, I'm sure if we attempted to make them they would look more like footballs and not pandas