Paul Stanley of KISS.... I don't care what anyone says. He was/is hot to me!

Christie Eliezer of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bravely asked if he wears a wig.

Epic Rights is Managing all Paul Stanley's Social Media for his Autobiography- Face the Music

Met Paul at Jerry's Deli in L. First time I've ever felt like a teen-aged girl meeting Shawn Cassidy

Ibanez PS1CM Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror Can I get one of these?? This is sooo awesome....

Ibanez Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror Can I get one of these? This is sooo awesome.

Paul Stanley of KISS

'80s rockers: Where are they now?

11081498_644255278940058_4831184397240019387_n.jpg (622×960)

11081498_644255278940058_4831184397240019387_n.jpg (622×960)

Japan - 1976. Paul Stanley is a man very in touch with  his feminine side.

Japan - 1976 Saw KISS in the with my 15 year old son at Budokan Hall.