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This image gives the statistics of the effects from Japan's attack on Pearl…

This "Remembering Pearl Harbor" infographic is a really interesting take on one of the most horrific days in WWII.

Pearl Harbor Attack--my home port during the Vietnam War. Many relics and reminders of the Pearl Harbor attack were still there in 1970. Nearby Hickam Airfield still had holes in the walls of offices and barracks as a reminder to never let our guard down.

Detailed map of attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. “the day that will live in infamy,” in the words of President Franklin Roosevelt,

Virginians lost at Pearl Harbor.  Daily Virginia Trivia sponsored by Simplicity VoIP.  Fun Facts about Virginia

A date that will live in infamy

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On December 7th, 1941 at 7:55 am, the Japanese attacked military airfields and Pearl Harbour with 181 torpedo dropping planes, dive bombers, horizontal bombers and fighters. Overall, twenty-one ships of the U.S. Pacific fleet were damaged and the death toll reached 2,350, along with 68 civilians and 1,178 injured.

On December 1941 at am, the Japanese attacked military airfields and…

Pearl Harbor Dec 7th 1941

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Pearl Harbor

World War II: December Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Small boat rescues a seaman from the USS West Virginia. Note the two men in the superstructure. The USS Tennessee is inboard

USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) at Pearl Harbor

USS Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor.with the destroyers USS Cassin and USS Downes just ahead of her.

The explosion of the ammo chamber on the U.S.S. Arizona after a Japanese bomb penetrated the upper deck of the battleship during the Dec. 7th attack.

Japanese aircraft attack on Pearl Harbor December The USS Shaw explodes during the Japanese air raid.