It was Penguin Awareness Day on January 20th apparently. I LOVE this infographic, it's so cute!!! ^_^ I need this in a poster form.

Today is Penguin Awareness Day! How Well Do You Know Your Penguins?

Peppermint Narwhal - Know Your Penguins poster design. Features all 17 species. Celebrate them all on Penguin Appreciation Day, celebrated every year on January - sharing.....Penguin Cake ... Love it!-

This was a demo cake that I made while teaching my students in the LIttle Penguins Christmas Cake Workshop.

babies :)

Penguins are by far my favorite animals! How can anyone not love these cute and cuddly creatures! My favorite thing about penguins is that they only have one mate for life :)

A penguin family

13 LOVE OF PARENTS: The emperor penguins fight for survival and to protect their only baby in the frozen Antarctic ice desert. (Photo and caption by Claus Possberg/National Geographic Photo Contest) #

Penguins!!!!  No... baby penguins!!!!

dendroica: A group of emperor penguin chicks waddle along the ice in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica Picture: Thorsten Milse / Robert Harding / Barcroft Media (via Pictures of the day: 23 November 2012 - Telegraph)

What’s not to love about this photo? Just strollin’ with some penguins in 1937

~ I the penguins at the London Zoo! ~ Penguin and friend. A little girl holds a penguin’s flipper as they walk together at London Zoo, May, photo by Fox photos/Getty images.

20 Beautiful Pics To Celebrate Penguin  Awareness Day | Bored Panda

20 Beautiful Pics To Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day

This fluffy, itty bitty emperor penguin just broke the cuteness scale! Photographer Daisy Gilardini snapped this photo on Snow Hill Island in Antarctica.

This Fluffy, Itsy Bitty Emperor Penguin ~ Just Broke The Cuteness Scale! (Photographer: Daisy Gilardini Snapped This Penguin Chick on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica.

Penguins are such sheep!

Life Goal: Study Penguins in Antarctica/South Africa. Adelie penguins leaping into the ocean from an iceberg, Pygoscelis adeliae, Brown Bluff

Great way to help kids plan and organize a little report. Would be easy to swap out another subject for penguins.

Penguin Tree Map: could/should adapt this to unit topics to teach use of describing words