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Make a Peter Pan Costume

How to Make a Peter Pan Costume. Whether you are making a Halloween outfit or preparing for a staged production, a Peter Pan costume is always a hit. Because the costume itself is quite easy to make it's also a fantastic last-minute.

Cool Captain Hook and Peter Pan Twin Toddler Costumes and Daddy Mr. Smee - 1

Cool Captain Hook and Peter Pan Twin Toddler Costumes and Daddy Mr. Smee

Cool Captain Hook and Peter Pan Twin Toddler Costumes omg no! Smee and Mom can be Wendy, if there are older siblings can be Michael and John or some of the lost boys, pirates, Tiger Lilly! the possibilities are endless

An adorable Peter Pan DIY costume!

DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume for Kids

We're gushing over this adorable Peter Pan DIY costume. Your toddler will look so cute this Halloween dressed as one of our favorite Disney characters. All he needs now is a Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Captain Hook to trick-or-treat with!

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I did the costume designs for the local production of Peter Pan. I tried to use a warmer palette for the Darlings, kinda rosey and goldish and chocolatey.

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This is for Lost boys costumes but inspiration for Trolls? The Lost Boys From Peter Pan - Bing Images

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These hats can be made for the merry men. I like these because they look similar to robin hoods but arent the same. Robin could have a green hat whereas the merry men could have two brown ones.