Book Balls! Of course, I would never destroy a book -- but what about old phone books? ;)

Book Balls!

Paper hydrangeas book balls made from old books! Pretty home decor items, Christmas ornaments or table centerpieces.

Cara Barer makes discarded maps glorious!

Kaleidoscopic Artwork Made Out of Old Phone Books

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Alex Queral carves portraits of famous people into phone books.  Why didn't I think of that?  Einstein is my favorite.

magnolius: “ Phonebook carvings by Cuban artist Alex Queral. Finally, somebody put phonebooks to good use. “ Taking an ordinary phone book, Alex Queral carves a face into this object of so many.

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Cara Barer’s book art: "Symbolizing the overload of information in our lives, these time capsules offer a way to preserve the printed word on paper and raise questions about the future of books and the ephemeral and fragile nature in which we now obtain knowledge"

Cara Barer’s Books

Cara Barer’s book project has a lot to do with chance and experimentation. A random encounter with an old phone book was t.

Phone books. Parrots just love to chew paper, and anything they can sink their beaks into.

Phone books make great chewing for parrots. Unwanted paperback books are great too.

Telephone books and envelopes - Kristiina Lahde

Ok, if my telephone books and bill envelopes looked like the work of Canadian artist {aka paper cutting genius} Kristiina Lahde, I would never need to recycle again! The tower of phone books is titled, quite perfectly, “Hive”.

United Art and Education Art Project:  Use recycled phone books and magazines, combined with oil pastels, to make a Picasso-Inspired self-portrait!

United Art Education - Picasso-Inspired Recycled Self-Portrait Collage - Project

Paper hearts and roses from phone books. Here's the tutorial for hearts:

Paper and twine heart garland. You could go with old books or newsprint, maps, origami paper in your wedding colors, use ribbon instead of twine. So many choices!

Telephone Book Hive by Kristiina Lahde

Compilation - recycled telephone book by Canadian artist Kristiina Lahde