Beginning Sound Worksheets to Support Jolly Phonics Teaching

Phonics Beginning Sound Worksheets

Short u spin and word and over 50 other short u activities and phonics worksheets

Short U Worksheets and Activities {NO PREP!}

First Grade Phonics Worksheets: Sounding It Out: Short I

Sounding It Out: B and V

Help your first grader tackle B and V sounds with this phonics worksheet that asks him to figure out if each item has a B or V sound.

Find the word family words in the picture! Write them under the correct column! FUN…FUN!!!  TONS of great printables!

Find the Word Family Words! Find the hidden word families in the picture and record the in the correct columns! TONS of FUN!

First Grade Phonics Handwriting Worksheets: Sounding It Out: Ai Vowel Pair

Sounding It Out: Ai Vowel Pair

Help your first grader get to know words with the vowel pair ai, and sneak in some writing practice while you're at it.

Phonics worksheets on short vowels

Free Phonics Worksheets: writing exercise, mazes, reading sheets and e-books for hard consonants and short vowels Wonders Kindergarten Unit 8 Week 3

Free Digraph Worksheet Pack!  Ch, Sh, Th...  a few fun worksheets to help your kindergarten or first grade student learn!

Digraph Worksheets - Free th, ch and sh digraph worksheets!

Digraph Worksheets Free Digraph Worksheets for beginning sound th, ch and sh digraphs. This 5 digraph worksheets have cut and paste activities and coloring fun.

Diagraph Worksheets Th, Ch and Sh  Free Phonics Worksheets Suitable For KIndergarten and Grade One

Diagraphs worksheets (Ch, Sh and Th)