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Toni Futura is the man of the future. Or he& just an extremely cheeky artist who does digital art manipulation.

Les adorables illustrations de Chow Hon Lam

Vulves de sable 2010 by Alain Bernegger©. A man made piece of art in nature. It reminds me of the underneath of a mushroom with its lines and of coral because of its collections of round objects in between the lines. The shadows in the sand show that the

Les Tatouages géométriques de Brandon Crone

Brandon Crone combines multiple tattoo styles to produce cohesive, stunning pieces of body art. Fusing dotwork, blackwork, and geometry, he adorns clients'

Chakra stones are a unique, vibrant and bright little piece of art. They also make perfect gifts for anyone who loves stones, colours or is familiar with healing energy frequencies. The chakra stones are dot painted with high pigmented acrylic paint and v

Cheap Wood Pallet Ideas To Remodel Your Home

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