"Space age fashion by Pierre Cardin for L’Officiel, 1971. Photo by Roland Bianchini."

From Romanticism to Modernism. L’Officiel 1971 Photographer: Roland Bianchini Pierre Cardin, Fall 1971

Pierre Cardin Space Age 60s odd unique vintage styles pant suit modern mod white tunic hat pants designer couture Plus

"Pierre Cardin Space-Age: ---------------------------------- The was a time for space exploration and wonder. Fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, was the first to begin this trend of "spacey" fashion.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

YIKES!! Thk gdnss I never saw any of my friends or family wear anything like this in the late 60's.... horrible fashion. Pierre Cardin, 1968. [fashion was so much better in the 70's where I came frm in the UK] ~ and we never wore hippie-style either... yuk!!

Pierre Cardin dress, 1968 - mustard-coloured mini dress with black belted yoke and round pockets fashion

Dress by Pierre Cardin, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, 1960.

Dress by Pierre Cardin, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, Wouldn't this be just perfect for a registry wedding? Maybe add a birdcage fascinator or large brimmed hat with a wide trailing satin bow at the back.

Pierre Cardin’s Couture Collection Is One of Fashion’s Best-Kept Secrets

Pierre Cardin’s Couture Collection Is One of Fashion’s Best-Kept Secrets

Jacket Pierre Cardin (French, born San Biagio di Callalta, Italy, 1922) Date: ca. 1992 Culture: French Medium: wool, metal

(aw) Jacket Pierre Cardin, 1992 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - OMG that dress!

They were using the idea of wearable art even in the 1960s. This piece by Pierre Cardin uses standard shapes and colours but creates something new by making it a fashion piece.

Pierre Cardin 1960 - and I feel this is avant-garde. Few are brave enough to wear this. It takes a true feeling for fashion to walk in a room and do right by this dress.