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♓️pisces My Astrology Chart Basics: Capricorn Sun Sign/Pisces Ascendant- Rising/ Moon in Sagittarius / Venus in Scorpio

yup! pisces women are just like that! Is YOURS accurate? #Zodiac #Pisces #Horoscope

yup! pisces women are just like that! Is YOURS accurate? #Zodiac #Pisces #Horoscope

Pisces: They don’t need anything fancy,but for you to be there when they need you the most. Those moments are the ones that count. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

As a Pisces you do things from the bottom of your heart because you genuinely care not because you feel obligated.

If you haven't figured it out... Don't poke the bear.

Good gawd, let's not provoke a temperamental psychic rebellious Pisces! I'm staying on his sweet loyal hopelessly romantic side.

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I don't know about the pedicure thing is for Pisces. Maybe a female thing for Pisces woman

Insanely accurate. It's the AQUA life for me!

stubborn, possessive, uncompromising - we all have our weaknesses which make us perfectly imperfect

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My bff is a Pisces ,when we get in fights she acts like I'm the worst piece of shit ever,when we make friends again she says it was the worst days offher life,so speaking as a Pisces bff this is quite accurate