Pizza Vending Machine: Europe's 'Let's Pizza' Plans U.S. Launch, Targets Florida Theme Park (VIDEO)

Pizza Vending Machines Headed To The U.S.

Common Core articles Coming Soon To A Theme Park Near You - A Pizza Vending Machine!

Perhaps pizza vending machines are why America is so fat

Perhaps pizza vending machines are why

This pizza vending machine bakes fresh, not frozen pies, in less than 3 minutes  Pretty cool. A vending who makes fresh pizza.,0,5335493.story#ixzz2xxkNIB9A

This pizza vending machine bakes fresh, not frozen pies, in less than 3 minutes

Dutch company concepts will soon debut the world’s first pizza-making vending machine, Let’s Pizza, in the United States. The machine was created by Italian designer Claudio Torghele, makes pizza in less than 3 minutes using an infra-red oven.

Freshly Made Pizza Vending Machine In Italy

The Best Food Vending Machines Of All Time

Japanese nikumon ( steamed bun with meat )...........v

Japanese nikumon ( steamed buns with meat), a popular street food, sold in a Hello Kitty vending machine.

I'd love to get pizza from a vending machine.

A customer uses the pizza vending machine at Frankfurt's main train station. The stone-oven baked pizzas costs or and you can choose between two flavours, Margherita and Salami.takes 3 minutes to be made.

For people who want pizza vending-machine fast without the vending-machine taste.

A Vending Machine For Everyone

Pizza Vending Machine!!! Totally need this for the new dispatch center...

Pizza vending machines are headed for the U.S. later this year

Untouched by human hands - pizza made in and delivered from a vending machine!

Let’s Pizza, a vending machine that creates pizzas from scratch in 2.5 minutes is about to plant a flag in U.S. Created by Italian designer Claudio Torghele. The machine's presence has been growing throughout Europe since 2009 and A1 Concepts is now planning on opening a U.S. headquarters in the Atlanta area in the third quarter. "The dough is made in 2 minutes, then it’s topped and cooked in an infrared oven, and comes out “untouched by human hands” in less than 3 minutes.

The good news is that there will soon be pizza vending machines in America

Let's Pizza! The pizza vending machine that creates each pie from scratch in under 3 minutes makes its way to the States

Pizza Gio Vending Machine

Hands on with the Pizza Gio vending machine at Sydney's Chatswood Westfield shopping centre.

Pizza Vending Machine To Make Mama Celeste Moan Abbodanza | Lifestyle | March 26, 2009 | This thing is huge!  Are there little Keebler Mario's in there making pizza pies?  Claudio Torghele is the inventor of this marvelous machine called "Let's Pizza" and has plans to spread this giant machine all over Europe and the United States.  Right now this pictured one is jamming out pies in Italy.  Capable of making four different pizzas, the machine will actually make a fresh pizza from...

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Every single one of these needs to happen!

Mind blown by so many of these. Why is this not the norm? Dude the packing tape one is literal genius status. Also the usb charger plug one and also I love the pizza vending machine!