Recycled cola bottle gardening. These container gardening ideas offer a great way to brighten your surroundings immediately. Make your home look different unique and interesting.

20 Fun and Creative Container Gardening Ideas

SPRING IS COMING :) Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

plastic bottle flowers

Have extra nail polish? Form wire, add nail polish and create some gorgeous flowers for any occasion!

Dekoracje z plastikowych butelek ..


MOST AMAZING plastic bottle recycled flowers I've found get, assistant sure had instructions. but in Russian.

plastic bottle flower

Here is a statistic - if you place a glass bottle in a landfill, it could take as long as a million years to decompose.

Flores de botellas de plástico


Flores de botellas de plástico A cute idea to spruce up a bathroom to get a bunch of these bottle bottoms together, melt the tips and paint them with nail polish to look like orchids or lilys and place them in the bathroom as little votives,

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Do you knowHow to Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse? Well, First thing you need to know about building a greenhouse out of PET bottles is you ought to enjoy working with plastic.