Can I just say that I would LOVE having a pokemon like this? Because I love this!

Epic Pokemon Fusion Art

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Artist Creates Wild Pokemon Fusions

Artist Creates Wild Pokemon Fusions: How original and gorgeous is that Vaporeon/Goldeen?

New Pokemon Fusions 2  LOVE Pokemon? Visit us: www.PokeMansion.Com

New Pokemon Fusions 2

New Pokemon Fusions 2 The Banette/Spiritomb and Altaria/Dragonair have to be my favorite!

Pokemon fusion... This one... Its simply awesome

Epic Pokemon Fusion Art

Pokemon fusion - Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales~ It's almost time for Dragon Tales

_adopt__mega_banette_x_mega_lopunny__open__by_seoxys6-d91ulrx.png (1024×1218)

I can't get enough of these amazing fusions! Maybe I'll start a Pokemon Fusion Fan Art board.

Pokemon fusion>> this looks very impossible, but epic all the same.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Pokemon fusion// this is what we can evolve to if only Valor and mystic could just fighting with one another. I'm just over here wishing team instinct has dream and it is this magnificent pokemon fusion

Drawn during Thursday live stream ^^ #pokemon #fusion #art…

Drawn during yesterday's live stream That one was requested so many time so I just had to do it some time Hope you guys will like it ^_^ Who wants. Houndoom x Umbreon