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Our puppies are extremely well socialized and are extremely people oriented. The majority of our puppies locate their new homes very fast.

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Pomeranian – Bold and Inquisitive – Pup Home

A lost dog that police in Washington state picked up this week wasn't wearing identification but he was wearing pants and a festive sweater. "Is this your dog?

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10+ Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts (Add Yours)

Boo, the cutest dog in the world! His signature haircut happened after his matted fur had to be shaved off - and the groomer turned it into something really cute! I wonder if the owner shares the money with that groomer?

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Want to see some awesome ways you can style your Pomeranian to look super stylish? Here's 10 Pomeranian hair cut ideas

Groom a Pomeranian Step by Step

Groom a Pomeranian

How to Groom a Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is a breed in the Toy Group known as a spunky, smart companion with a face that resembles a fox. Another recognizable trait of this lovable breed is its plush coat. The Pomeranian has a double.

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