Do you have a smaller home which lacks storage space? We’ve compiled a list of the greatest small space living design ideas to make your home feel more spacious whilst also adding a certain pizazz.

Small Space Living: 25 Design Tricks To Enhance Small Homes

A staff room lunch table/pool table encourages staff to socialise - Steel pool table FUSIONTABLES METAL LINE Dining pools - Fusiontables Saluc

This is sucha cool idea,pool table and dining table all in one  @LiquorListcom  #liquorlist  "The MarketPlace for Adults with Taste!"

The La Condo Divine by Canada Billiard is a 2 in 1 dining pool table, constructed of solid white birch. The La Condo Divine is the ideal unit for the recreatio

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Many people wish they owned a pool table, but just don't have the space. This is a great example of how a bit of creativity allows you to have the best of both worlds - a great dining table, and a pool table for when the meal is over. For more inspiration

DIY pool table/dining table. This would be an awesome project

Pool/Dining Table

Salvage parts from an old pool table, but make a modern/sleek design. Of course need a room big enough for it.

Hard Top Pool Table Cover

Hard Top Pool Table Cover: Standard and any custom size Billiard Table Hard Top Cover to provide a large food serving area and protect your investment.

Pool Table Dining Table: Room Decoration Luxury Dining Table Pool ...

Pool Table Dining Table Combination - you are thinking about buying a pool table then there are a number of elements that

Fusion pool table = a must have

Each Wednesday I share some of the photos that stopped me in my tracks while I was scrolling& theGuy Style Guide Fusion pool table = a must have

This Classy Dining Table Hides A Pool Table Underneath, soooo cool! my husband would love this...

The Fusion Table is every guy´s dream, a dining/pool table your wife/girlfriend could live with! The unique product is a dining table and pool table all in one, simply remove the multi-piece dining top to unveil a beautiful pool table with a contempo