Paul Coghlin - Icelandic Poppy II

The poppy flower is definitely one of our favorites. And, we called our great-grandfather Poppy ;

Red Spring, Poppies by Margeli

Red is a powerful color inciting courage, confidence and leadership. Red Spring, Poppies by Margeli

I'm also putting seeds on the list. But imagine if your garden looked like this!

Iceland Poppies Sherbet Mix

Papaver nudicaule One of the most exquisite cut flowers we’ve ever grown, this blend of apricot, watermelon pink and pure white will leave you breathless. A citrusy scent and abundant flowering habit stretching from early spring through midsummer make th

Papaver Orientale 'Burning Heart',

Noted for its luminous blooms, Oriental Poppy 'Burning Heart' (Papaver orientale) produces semi-double, crepe papery, bright reddish-pink flowers with dark purple eyes and reddish centers. Planted in small groups, its bold blossoms will give a color p