The Portuguese version of the saying, to wake up on the wrong side of the bed -- "Acordar com os pes de fora"

25 Hilarious Portuguese Phrases That Make No Sense

Forget everything you know about Portuguese, it's time to "burn the eyelashes". Here are some colourful Portuguese phrases used in Portugal and Brazil.

Bom dia!! Verão, a melhor estaçao do ano ☀️ . #giulicastro #pensatasdagiuli #quotesdagiuli

Bom dia!! Verão, a melhor estaçao do ano ☀️ . #giulicastro #pensatasdagiuli #quotesdagiuli

Portuguese quotes- Voce sabe que esta no caminho certo quando perde o interesse de olhar pra tras

Portuguese quotes- You know you are on the right path when you lose interest in looking back.

Hahahaha! Last words I would always hear out of my mother's mouth any time I went out. When did she stop saying it?

The Portuguese Kids on

Growing up, I NEVER left the house without being reminded.JUIZO NA CABECA! I'm sure everyone who grew up in a Portuguese home heard it too.