twenty one pilots: light your soul on fire

twenty one pilots: light your soul on fire Blink fuck the dog and put it on fire <<sigh, it's all art

Fall out boy and panic! at the disco

I'm Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco I an alternate universe would be called Falling Men and The Upset Disco Guys

I wish i had Band T-shirts.... I'm just too broke to afford it.....

i dont have this much band merch, but i have an entire dresser of shirts, lol… - a t shirt, royal blue button down shirt, black button shirt *ad

Yes. If you have a good music taste, I instantly like you 35% more

Two Door Cinema Club, Coldplay,Vampire Weekend, and pretty much every indie rock or alternative band. I am a true junior hipster

More specifically marching band

40 Cats Who Give Love A Bad Name

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Yeah pretty much. Also, how come on quizzes and stuff when they ask your favorite music genre, showtunes are NEVER there???

Y'know, my generic answer is usually "chess" (unless I'm feeling particularly vindictive, in which case I point out that our Scholastic Bowl team is on the list of school sports) but this person is correct.

Crashed out in the percussion room. Sounds about right.

Crashed out in the percussion room.<<< I'm confuzeled, do orchestra instruments go in percussion rooms cuz that's not what we have