I taught prime numbers this week.  This is a great idea for a center activity.

Prime Numbers Game

Prime Numbers Game: players -> each player flips first card in their stack -> players look at all stacks-> first player to slap stack that contains prime # gets all cards in that stack. could use this for spotting factors of given number as well.

Prime and Composite Anchor Chart {plus a freebie!} by Crafting Connections!

Prime and Composite Anchor Chart by Crafting Connections! I love the mnemonic for helping kids remember which is prime and me) and composite!

This is a Prime Numbers chart with the prime numbers up to 100. Great for students to look at when working with prime numbers. ...

Prime Numbers Chart

Christopher decides to have the chapters in his book going up in prime numbers "Chapters in books are usually given the cardinal numbers and so on. But I have decided to give my chapters prime numbers and so on because I like prime numbers"

In this poster, all prime numbers between 1-100 are circled and a description of what a prime number is also provided. Students could be asked to investigate this table to see if there are any patterns or trends (e.g. the average distance between prime number increasing)

Learn about Prime Numbers with this visible and informative poster. The poster is perfect for display in classrooms, school hallways and at home.