Innovation Process Steps Infographic. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out

What is innovation strategy in business? Innovation types and steps of the innovation process leading to a successful idea and innovation management.

Love this! Analysis of a service, through the Customer Journey Map

Infographic about journey, in similar style to London Underground map with pictograms / reason I didn't know about that what kind of looks like of customer journey map.

The stage, touchpoint, actions, and questions template is seen in a lot of Xmaps including adaptive path.

Giant Ant Client Experience Map example - The stage, touchpoint, actions, and questions template.

Proposed basic research lens for the design thinking process.

Design thinking revised

this is the design thinking process structure that contains empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Learn how to portraying the complexity of history in an easy to understand way with the beautiful infographic timeline layout.

Infographic Layout: How to Portray History with Timelines

Infographic showing a production timeline for a backpack. I like the use of the visual lead of the timeline but it uses uneven units.

A process map illustrates the patient journey and is displayed in the waiting room.

I remember in like or grade, in social studies class, when we learned about individualism. In one of our books I remember an image of a Japanese print (because I too like pictures) pretty…

Sally Caroline | The Interior Design Process  Flowchart Infographic Map

This is more of a Flowchart Infographic Map. Shows the flow as to what happens and feels. It's like a journey. It's minimalist in nature but leaves space for more with pictures or text.