This is a wonderful lesson. It was done for a sixth grade class but I'm going to find a way to tailor it for my third graders.

'YourKids' Teacher: Erasing Meanness This is a great four day anti-bullying program that could be run to show the effect bullying has on others and the impact children can have on eachother by being positive

E is for Explore!  Vocabulary Roll--take vocab words out of a hat, roll the dice and then act the word, draw it, define it, rhyme something with it, or give a synonym/antonym for it.  Fun!

I was inspired by Bainbridge& Vocabulary rock & roll, so I made my own. Toss your vocab. words in a paper lunch bag. Have kids roll a die.

German design studio WerterlOberfell. “Eggwave demonstrates that a relatively uninteresting product typology can become quite exciting. It embodies our digital design process and shows that ‘digital design’, which is kind of a synonym for crazy shapes, can become a mass-produced mainstream product that has an almost invisible serving function.”

Designer Egg Tray New Neff fridges will come with this golf-ball-textured extendable egg tray by German design studio WerterlOberfell. “Eggwave demonstrates that a relatively uninteresting product.

How to Care for Newly Permed Hair | The Classroom | Synonym

How to Care for Newly Permed Hair | The Classroom | Synonym

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trashcan thesaurus to throw away overused words and give replacement suggestions

Writing Workshop Series: Post #1 Writers' Notebooks

Trash Can Thesaurus—Throw away over used words & replace with others! (Teaching Literacy, Literacy Tips)

Quotable – Natalia Ginzburg

Quotable – Natalia Ginzburg

This resource was created to enhance the writing process, help teach 6+1 traits of writing, and promote stronger word choices in students’ writing. Includes word choice printable writing and thesaurus activities and 14 jigsaw puzzles of overused words and more effective synonyms that can be projected as slides, posted on a colorful word choice or vocabulary bulletin board, or cut apart and made into tactile puzzles and differentiated activities to be completed in a 5-day literacy center

CCSS Aligned Word Choice Jigsaw Puzzles and Activities: Eradicate Overused Words

Sports essay conclusions Sep 2015 · How do I write conclusion for a topic on sports? How do I write an essay on the topic "sports icon"? How do you write a strong and memorable essay conclusion?

111 Words to Use Instead of Great                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Grammar Check (Example: 111 Words to Use Instead of Great) => Writing Support Tool

The ultimate tool for writers! Whether you're crafting the next great American novel or pounding away at a last-minute blog entry, there will come a time in the process when you struggle to find just

Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Writers: Over Emotive, Evocative, Descriptive Synonyms, Antonyms. This paper based copy can be found online as well, it could be a useful tool to help with revising and editing in the secondary classrooms.

The "Word of the Day" (or WOD) program is a comprehensive vocabulary curriculum designed for middle school students. Students in class are presented with a new word each day. They utilize context clues, synonyms, and writing practice to master the new words. Included are the weekly quizzes that not only assess the previous week's words but also reinforce review by the inclusion of prior words.

Word of the Day: A Year-Long Middle School Vocabulary Curriculum

Essays differentiation focus strategy examples Differentiation for Writing. Strategy Focus of Differentiation Definition Example Tiered, writing process, and provide examples