"Jesus said you should go to prom with me" …

25 Bizarre Prom Proposals That Actually Happened

These 25 bizarre prom proposals actually happened and they are amazing. High school seniors these days really go all out when prom rolls around.

Cookie homecoming proposal

20 ways to do your promposal or homecoming invites

How cute and unique! Now is the time to think of great ideas to ask your friends or girlfriend to prom!

Half the fun of going to prom is getting asked! Creativity is key to achieving the perfect promposal. Check out the 10 super cute promposals below.

Promposal Ideas – “No Brainer” Ways to Ask Someone to Prom  Strawberry Promposal

Our Very Best Promposal Ideas - "No Brainer" Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

prom proposal ideas | prom proposal 1 Will you go to prom with me? (24 photos)

Will you go to prom with me? (24 photos)

Top "No Brainer" Promposal Ideas - It's time to get your "promposal" ideas lined up and ask that special someone to be your date. Our Top 17 Promposal Ideas