Blieve n urself as mch as I blieve n u baby  I love you! Kep pushn 4ward I'm so proud of u & ur accomplishments.

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The Giant in front of you is NEVER bigger than the God inside of you. Keep this close to your heart so that nothing can take you unaware. Jesus in front of you always!

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Parenting tips for toddlers, boys, girls, and the strong willed child. Preschool activities for 3 year olds and learning through big body play.

Faith in Jesus Christ will make you strong to do the things that were impossible on your own

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Happiness is my biggest success. #blessedeverydayofmylife

#WiseWords from Anne Sweeney (Ivanka Trump)

Only you can define your success. "Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you're proud to live.

If You Give Less    Than 100% Don't Expect To   Become More  Than Average.

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You're the FOOL! Feeling proud of yourself is a testament of the shitty person you are.

It isn't so easy to forgive yourself for misplaced trust, but of course to be free of the thrall of manipulating deceiving users is worth it. FOR REAL!

Oliver Wendell Homes included this line in one of his famous poems back in the 1800s. #patriotic #Quotes #4thofjuly

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