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Makeup Concept for Momo. 'Puppy Eye' is popular in Korea for making your eyes appear bigger than they seem.

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The 'puppy' eyeliner - a softer, more childish and innocent alternative to cat eyeliner.

wings that go down instead of up. favorite <3

wings that go down instead of up - perfect for the classic ulzzang droopy/sad/puppy eye look

The korean eyebrow look                                                       …

The korean eyebrow look …I love this look. Actually, i hate the overdrawn trendy eyebrows that Anastasia has created which is all over IG.

PUPPY EYES In case you aren’t following breaking Korean beauty trends (which you totally should be). Our friends over at XoVain even called it the new cat eye. Instead of flicking upwards, the eyeliner follows the natural shape of your eyes, making them appear bigger and rounder, and as a result, super, super, super cute. If you’re looking for a more casual eyeliner style that’s not as sexy and dramatic as a cat eye, this is your new go-to.

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