Lineage of the British Royal Family  My sister could be royal! All she has to do is marry Viscount Severn. The son of Prince Edward.

The Lineage Of The British Royal Family

European Blood Ties to Elizabeth II

Queen Victoria's Family Tree - Since she had nine children, many of her descendents are now scattered throughout the royal and noble houses of Europe.

British royal family tree with numbers to show the order of family members in line to the crown.   ...Princess Anne and family do not even get considered until after her younger brothers and their heirs (including grandchildren!)...

British Royal Family Tree, including the order of succession to the throne. * The chart needs to be updated to add Princess Charlotte ( and others.

Royal Families♥:  The House of Windsor Family Tree-Part 1

Royal Families: The House of Windsor Family Tree-Part 1 So bizarre that the Queen & Duke share the same great great grandparents!

House of Tudor Family Tree   Royal Descendants | Alfred to Elizabeth II | Wessex | Normans | Plantagenet | Tudor | Scottish | Stuart | Hanover | Windsor   << Previous TreeMouse over images and click for informationNextTree >>

[Henry VIII's break from Rome] A Clickable Tudor Family Tree! Have fun untangling the webbing and discovering connections!

the first waltz: a historical photoblog — bulletproofjewels: ♕ Queen Victoria: Grandmama of...

bulletproofjewels: “ ♕ Queen Victoria: Grandmama of Europe It is a well known fact that Queen Victoria of England saw in her children a destiny to marry into all the great royal houses of Europe. And so her wish was certianly fulfilled;

Royal Family Tree (849-2012) | Click on picture to go to its site. Then use your mouse to highlight anyone you wish to know more about. This is a great help for research.

Royal Family Tree: King Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II A link to a lot of information about the Royal History

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 2012 in London | PosterPie

British Royal Family Tree: Reuters "Like all the best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements.

Дом Виндзор британской королевской семьи Tree

The Royal House of Windsor is the current royal dynasty in Great Britain. Copy or print my updated family tree and read about the royal members of the tree

queen elizabeth 1 family tree - Google Search

queen elizabeth 1 family tree - Google Search