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A collection of some recent logos I have been working on, some are concepts and some were for clients. Hope they can bring some inspiration to some. (The Kodak logo is a redesign for a school project, I did not design the Kodak logo.


("THE R_EVOLUTION") The simplicity and boldness of this logo are incredibly well done. Your eye finishes the shape to see that it is an 'R'. And the 'x' angle that it creates is aligned perfectly creating symmetry.

Really simple logo with no colour.  Monogram for London based tailor Roberto Revilla designed by Friends.

New Brand Identity for Roberto Revilla by Friends - BP&O

Just an R Monogram

Just an R.

I did this monogram a few years ago for my personal logo using the letter R for Roberto which is middle name.

Personal Identity Design Studio of logo design and corporate id.Mokup:http://goo.gl/2Xm5P

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logo / Reset

This is really smart design for a logo, it's really simple but the play on letter R with the arrow pointing towards RESET is really effective. The simple background, with the simple typeface create a very professional impression.



Inspirational Logo Design Series – Letter R Logo Designs - Coding Droid

Rubirosa // Branding + Website. Really digging this logo. Sort of reminds me of my own.

monogram: Love this logo. Simple and effective. All enclosed inside a square which works well to draw it together.