Oh how I wish Rachel Hendrix would have been cast as Bella in Twilight.  The movies MIGHT have been worth watching.

Rachel Hendrix from October Baby. Love her hair! Watching the movie right now, and with her humor and emotional range, she could definitely play Sarah Matthews in Robin Hood.

"Abby," he sighed, "we have to talk." "I don't see the need," she snapped, staring ahead and not meeting his worried gaze. "I'm not stupid, Abby, there's something you're hiding. Something - someone - is trying to kill us, hunting us down, and you won't tell me why! I know it has something to do with that stupid necklace, but there's more than that." He paused to catch his breath. "Abby... you can trust me." #angelinazoe

October baby Jason Helping Hannah find her real Mother

I was surprised by this movie. It was really well done! {Jason Burkey and Rachel Hendrix in 'October Baby'}

October Baby: Jason Burkey and Rachel Hendrix. Amazing actors, perfect for their roles.

Rachel Hendrix from October Baby, I love this movie....she is so beautiful!!

[Interview] Rachel Hendrix: I Am Excited to Take Any Movie Opportunities… Mainstream, Faith-based, Family-friendly, Indie

Dream wedding photographer: Rachel Hendrix (aka, Hannah from "October Baby"). How cool would that be? Getting her to photograph my wedding would only cost upwards of $4,000… She's good, though, Check out her website!

Based in Winterthur, Switzerland, Rachel Hendrix Photography specializes in unique natural-light portraiture and weddings.

Elephant Ride - Scott Eastwood and Rachel Hendrix - The Perfect Wave

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride - Scott Eastwood and Rachel Hendrix - The Perfect Wave

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