Radiant heated floor diagram.  For sure I will be having radiant heated floors in my forever home.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heat.  The most comfortable homes I have ever been in during cold weather were radiant heat homes.

Frequently asked questions about concrete floor radiant heating including how hot is it, tube leaking, air conditioning, zoning, etc.

Would you install a radiant heating system in your home to save money on heating?

Interested in an efficient, eco-friendly method of heating your home? Invest the upfront expense and a radiant heating system can work wonders in your home.

Construction: radiant heat, water system most efficient; in walls and under ceramic tile floors (Energy.gov)

In-wall radiant heating in a house under construction near Denver. Photo courtesy of Warren Gretz, NREL.

Retrofitting Radiant Heating Installing water-filled tubing underfoot to heat a room requires some creativity when the flooring's already in place

Retrofitting Radiant Heating

Retrofitting Radiant Heating Always use PEX tubing. PEX stands for cross-linked polyethelene, an incredibly tough plastic that can be heated and cooled a couple of million times and not become brittle

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Hydronic Radiant floor, pex in precut grooves in plywood, then overlayment and vinyl. I think in floor heating would solve heating the addition.

Choose the best infloor heating system. We cover the pros and cons of electric systems and hot water (hydronic) systems for comfort and space heating. Electric are easier and usually cheaper to install. Hydronic are ideal if you already have a boiler.

Electric vs. Hydronic Radiant Heat Systems

Choosing the right in floor heat Excellent radiant floor heating primer. Was thinking bathroom floors for the luxury, but may have better impact in kitchen/dining room addition if that gets redone.

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Install Electric Radiant Heat Mat Under a Tile Floor

How to Install Electric Radiant Heat Mat Under a Tile Floor. Electric radiant heat mats with wall-mounted thermostats are easy to install under new tile floors and provide comfortable, invisible heat at a reasonable cost.

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Your Guide to Radiant Floor Heating: The Pros and Cons

radiant_system_1600px A DIY system for radiant floor heat.  The entire article is worth reading for tips and caveats to DIY

The house rebuilding project is going well. We’ve finished all the framing, and the higher ceilings and more open floorplan are hinting at a level of aweso

How to install thermofin radiant heating system under floor - Do It Yourself contact Radiant Engineering

Underfloor radiant heating installation using ThermoFin, a heat transfer plate that holds the tubing, patented and made in the USA by Radiant Engineering Inc, Bozeman, Montana